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 April 1996

- Invited to play cricket at Mile Gully.
- Tour Mile Gully All-Age School, presented a sundry of school supplies.
- Vision - need for improvement and update.
- Cricketers went back to Milwaukee and a comprehensive visionary work went into effect.

April 1997
- Mile Gully High School was presented with one personalized computer complete with a Printer.
- A 2 1/2 horse power electric plane for the carpentry and drawing department.
- Basic School supplies.
- Academic scholarship of seven hundred dollars (US$700.00) equivalent to J$23,000.00 per year. Renewable up to five years for one student who wishes to continue studies in Jamaica.

Criteria recommended by Ann Marie Smith (chairperson) for the scholarship were:
Good academic achievement, involved in the school and community activities, financial needs and high moral standards. Continuation of the scholarship was based on the student's satisfactory discipline and academic progress.

April 1998
- Mile Gully High School was presented with 24 computers, 1 laptop computer.
- With individual workstation to house the computers they were given.
- The computer room was named "The Milwaukee Cricket Club Computer Laboratory."
The presentation was made on April 11, 1998. This event was televised by the local TV station.
A plaque was presented to the scholarship recipient, Natasha Gordon.



- Offer a one-year scholarship for another student.
- Continue scholarship for the first recipient.
- Work with facility staff to build woodwork department - not date set for completion.
- Will need woodwork equipment to furnish the department.
- Will provide at least 50 scientific computers to the school.
- Provide sosftware for computer lab.