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  It is a well kept secret that the Milwaukee Cricket Club has been in existence since the late 1940’s when Jamaican immigrants, Dudley Scott, Reginald Ward, Valbeno Brown, Wesley Gross, Evan Wright, Arthur Green, Sylvester Francis, "Mint Stick", Maxwell, and "Neighbour" Benderson, introduced the sport of cricket to Milwaukee. To characterize these beginnings as a movement is to pay homage to this early group of cricket aficionados who were determined to play cricket just for the sheer love and enjoy of the sport.

  The first cricket match was played in a park that was located at 3rd and Locust or 3rd and Garfield, on the north side of Milwaukee. As the team began to shape itself into a more organized group, the members petitioned City Hall for permission to play at the lakefront and to their delight, they were granted permission and space to play. The team outgrew the lakefront and sometime in 1957 the team started to hold matches in a park located on Highway 100. This site, however, proved to be inaccessible to the players and spectators, alike, and a new location had to be found.

  Around 1956, the members went back to City Hall and sought permission for a new playing field. The approved location was Barron Park on South Chase Avenue. The park, however, had no facilities, so it was back to City Hall with another request for public facilities. The request was granted and public restrooms were installed and a pavilion was erected.

  During this period all the matches that were played were friendly ones with neighboring states, such as Illinois, Kentucky, and Minnesota. However, the Milwaukee Cricket Club entered the cricket league in the late fifties and the matches became a little more serious. As the years went on, new players joined the team coming from all areas of the Caribbean, India, and Pakistan, and representing various trades, professions and vocations….the common thread being cricket.

  Today, the team has an enviable roster of players whose commitment to the sport is equal to their civic agenda.